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Professional PGA Golf lessons in Chingford London

Welcome to My name is Michael Perry and I am a Qualified PGA Professional with over 18 years of experience in teaching golf. I offer one to one Professional PGA Golf lessons in Chingford London, based at the fantastic Chingford Golf range.

Michael Perry Professional PGA Golf lessons in Chingford London a             The PGA

Golf Lessons in Chingford, London

My Professional PGA Golf lessons in Chingford London are based at the Chingford Golf Range, 293 Waltham Way, London, E4 8AQ, near Stratford, Barnett, Ilford and Cheshunt. Also being within the M25and on the border of Essex. The range lies in zone 6 of the London Underground and Chingford main line station which is 20 minutes from London Liverpool Street Station.
I have a dedicated teaching area with a floor for putting, a gradient mat for sloping lies, a bunker and a chipping area where all the facets of the swing can be learnt.
I have a professional Explanar for when the lesson wants to feel a new movement and video analysis is always used to identify and correct the swing as simply as possible

The range has two floors and is floodlit and has heaters with greens, bunkers and targets to shoot at.  Top quality balls are used and the range has been designed to look like the local course you play with greens and bunkers arranged in various positions.

About Michael Perry

I have an open minded approach to coaching and I believe that attention to detail using video analysis is vital for sustained improvement.One of the main learning senses is vision and this is how video can have such a profound effect.

By showing the lesson their faults, you then create a better mind set for change. From seeing what you are doing wrong, to changing that movement can be a very quick process, if you have proof that only video can show.

This will then translate into a new feeling that the head must take on board so the golfer can learn to trust the new changes.

I feel it is essential for the golfer to understand the mental and physical sides of the game to truly improve. My coaching also uses drills and exercises so that the student doesn’t over think about what they are trying to achieve. This allows the swing to feel more natural and give results in less time

Why Straightgolf?

When I thought of creating a website to advertise what I did, the name made sense, simply because most golfers do want to hit the ball straighter.
How many people complain about slicing their driver?
Loads, this can be a soul destroying complaint that ruins the round and your constantly fighting.
To achieve the results you want, a bio-mechanical process is required and attention to detail is essential. Just letting one part of the setup to be ok instead of correct can allow simple faults to appear.
The problem with lessons, which most people complain about, is that when you have your first lesson that they have got worse.

My tendency is to get the golfer to strike the ball better first, even if it is in the wrong direction, just so that this shatters what their mate may have told him. Obviously sometimes you do have to get into the nitty-gritty of things, but taking things completely apart is not always what the golfer wants.

To book a golf lesson at either site with me please head to the contacts page and give me a call to book, don’t delay though, the summer is fast approaching, now is the time to head in for that well-earned tune up to your game.