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GCQuad Golf Lessons

Beginner Lessons

I have been teaching beginners for the last 20 plus years.  Beginners have the best opportunity to take the quickest steps in the right direction. The main reason is the lack of faults. To be able to learn something, when you don’t know anything else is a great position to be in.  By learning the basics and the swing in the right way, many faults are avoided and results can be quicker and easier.

Primarily patience and attention to detail are key. Because the golfer is new to the game, their motor skills for golf are not in place, so the grip and posture are essential.
Learning how to address the ball and the first part of the swing must be taught so that golfer doesn’t miss hit the shot. Too many people want to wrap the club around the back of their heads too quickly, resulting in a lack of consistency and confidence.
Beginners quickly progress from good foundations, resulting in enjoying the game faster. Once chipping, pitching, bunker shots and putting have been taught, the lesson is ready for a par 3 or pitch and putt course.  With further lessons, the next stage of learning to play on a 18 hole golf course can be worked on.
Most beginners are best having half hour lessons to start before extending to an hour, for my latest prices and special offers check here