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BodiTrak Golf System

The BodiTrak golf system, the ultimate measure of ground force and pressure as you swing the club and hit the ball.

  • Do you suffer from a lack of distance?  
  • Or a lack of balance in the swing?  
  • Do you reverse pivot?                                   

Then BodiTrak can help you enormously.   Learn how to hit the ball longer with the driver using BodiTrak by showing how you currently drive the swing and then showing you the improvements you make as we make changes. Create more piercing iron shots by using the mat and BodiTrak in the same way. Learn how to shape the ball. Pitching and putting can also be improved with the help of the BodiTrak system to show the improvements.

BodiTrak can tell you where your weight is, how you transfer weight, what part of the foot the weight is located, how you move onto your right or left foot and creates a 2D signature that can be evaluated and improved.
The BodiTrak is easy to use, simply stand on the mat and then hit your shot.  I video the action with the app and we have our starting point. 

So if you do suffer from a lack of distance, balance or have a reverse pivot, then the BodiTrak system will help you learn how to use the ground like never before.

Learn more, gain feedback and know how to improve!