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Explanar Golf lessons

The Explanar golf system is widely regarded as the best swing trainer on the market. The Explanar takes advantage of one our strongest learning tools, feel. Explanar Golf lessons delivered by a PGA professional can make a huge difference to your swing.

Turns swing thoughts into swing feeling…

I have had mine since 2004 and have never looked back.
It’s a great piece of design, I have the professional model and many of my lessons have taken incredible feedback at the hands of it.

By holding a weighted roller and turning this around a pre set circular frame by me, it translates a movement into a feeling. When applied in consecutive times, a new movement can be felt strong enough to change the original swing.
Because a new feel is temporary at the beginning, then successive sessions are required. Many tour players use this device to help their game such as Dustin Johnson. Learning to hit it straighter, longer and more consistent.
The device can fit most people, except if you are over 6’4” tall.