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GCQuad Golf Lessons

New to StraightGolf, our high tech GCQuad Golf Lessons! Welcome to the most accurate and trusted launch monitor ever built! GCQuad.

The device picks up all its data using four sophisticated cameras. They measure everything between the club and contact to the ball. It measures: speed of club, angle of attack, dynamic loft at impact, where the club hits the ball on the face, .dynamic lie of the club, rate of club face closure, efficiency of impact, ball speed, spin of ball, spin axis of ball, launch angle, gives distance and carry data.

What does this mean, that more information is known about what happens at impact than ever before!!
How does the change the lesson. Well, it’s a powerful tool to show golfers what they are doing and gives the ultimate feel to real moment, because most don’t realise what the actually do.
From the data and with years of working with this type of technology, I can then change the golfer and create amazing improvements!

The GCQuad is easy to use, just hit balls in front of the machine and all the data lands on a tablet that can then be sent in an email for the the golfer to keep. Week by week, the machine can then show the improvement made.
Technology is a great thing and so is GCQuad!