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Golf Lessons at Chingford Driving Range

The best way to learn is with the help of individual lessons. These can range from half an hour to several hours depending on what is required. I base the majority of my Golf Lessons at Chingford Driving Range and the facilties allow me to offer a range of options:

Golfers basically fall into three categories:

– Beginners

– Fault finding and Video analysis

– Learning to play

Beginner Lessons

New golfers are something that I see on a daily basis and you have the best opportunity to take the quickest steps in the right direction. Primarily patience and attention to detail are key. Because the golfer is new to the game, their motor skills for golf are not in place, so the grip, posture and body alignment are essential.

Learning how to aim the club, holding the club in the right way and addressing the ball must be taught so that golfer doesn’t miss hit the shot. Patience in learning the first move of the swing is crucial. Too many people want to wrap the club around the back of their heads too quickly, resulting in a lack of consistency and confidence.

Once the opening move is taught, then the golfer quickly starts to progress from the good foundations set, resulting in enjoying what is happening and with very few miss hits. Obviously all areas of the game need to be taught, but the swing must come first to get this established, then putting, chipping, pitching and the lesson is ready for a par 3 or pitch and putt course. Over time we will introduce more work, which may involve analyzing your swing, then learning to play is the next goal.

Most beginners are best having half hour lessons to start before extending to an hour, for my latest prices and special offers check here

Fault finding lessons

This is for the golfers who has played for a while, sometimes with no instruction and wants to improve. The vast majority of people I see can range from no handicap to low single figure players. There really is no set procedure for on going golfers, in that everyone is different. Some require distance, other accuracy and most seek consistency. After all, its not the amount of good shots you hit, its keeping down the poor shots that’s important.

One of the things I like to do when getting rid of faults is to advise a drill. The advantage of this method is to stop the golfer over analyzing and to pay attention to a single movement and solve the problem. Hence within weeks, a swing will work how it should. .

Although lessons are usually half an hour, some may find 1 hour lessons more beneficial, for my latest prices and special offers check here