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Golf Lessons at Chingford Driving Range

The best way to learn is with the help of individual lessons. These can range from half an hour to several hours depending on what is required. I base the majority of my Golf Lessons at Chingford Driving Range and the facilties allow me to offer a range of options:

– Beginners

– Video Analysis

– GC Quad 

– BodiTrak

– Explanar 

Beginner Lessons

New golfers have the best opportunity to take the quickest steps by learning the right moves without unlearning incorrect problems. I teach the set-up and a half swing in the first lesson and then build up.  Most beginners are best having half hour lessons to start. 

Video Analysis

Video analysis is a vital part of any golf lesson.  The benefits are massive, since a picture says a thousand words.  With the use of video, not only can I build or improve the take away, backswing, swing plane, downswing and follow through.  I can also investigate why a shot is not working and make essential changes to improve the stroke.  Video shows everything, so every shot can be studied and made more effective.

GC Quad Lessons

The GC Quad is the most trusted launch monitor on the market, delivering the most accurate data possible. A lesson with my GC Quad gives incredibly accurate feedback. The launch monitor picks up every piece of information and helps me fine tune your golf swing. By knowing how the clubhead strikes the ball, there is no confusion whether its the club path or the club face that needs correcting.  I find a one hour session is best for using the GC Quad.

BodiTrak Lessons

The boditrak mat and sensors lets you see where and how your weight works during the swing.  This gives great feedback to golfers struggling with distance and balance.  With training, the golfer can learn to use the ground to gain more distance and better balance to create consistency.  Golfers will require a one hour session with the boditrak system.

Explanar Lessons

The explanar system is a circular frame which can be adjusted by myself to suit the lesson and used with a weighted roller to create the right feel for your swing. The explanar is all about feel. By using the device over several weeks, a new swing can be learnt through feel.  

Lessons start at half an hour, but most will find one hour lessons more beneficial, for my latest prices and special offers check here