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Video Golf Lessons Chingford Essex

Video golf lessons Chingford Essex are available. In the last few years, I have found video to be an essential part of a lesson. Not only the fault finding process, but by showing the lesson the fault and how you would like to remedy the fault, you can give the lesson, when combined with video analysis, the feel, the movement and what is happening to the swing.

During years of coaching, you do find that individuals suit different things. Video analysis is brilliant at what it does to give the golfer feedback, pictures can say a thousand words and when a person is undecided on the change that you would like to make from not feeling a new movement to thinking that it may be too extreme to put into the golf swing, then video is an great weapon to use.

I now also create lesson notebooks on their swings, which is invaluable with pictures by taking stills of the video process.

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